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Rural High Speed Internet - What's Available in My Neighborhood?

Knowing which Internet services are available in your area is the first step to choosing a trustworthy Internet provider. Rural Internet options are much different than urban Internet options - but they can still deliver Internet that you can use on your own terms.

Rural Internet providers are usually DSL, dial-up and satellite companies. Urban Internet providers are mostly cable and DSL companies.

DSL Internet availability

DSL is perhaps the fastest rural Internet option - depending on where you live.

DSL Internet service transmits data through telephone lines from the DSL provider's local office. If your home is close to the local office, then your speeds should remain consistent. However, the farther from the local office your home is, the more your speeds and connectivity will be affected.

To ensure fast speeds, DSL uses a separate phone line than the existing one at your home. Although an extra expense, the faster speeds it provides prove to be a far better alternative than the crippling speeds of dial-up.

Satellite Internet availability

Satellite Internet service falls between DSL and dial-up in terms of speed.

Satellite Internet providers use satellites to deliver rural high-speed Internet. Eligibility for rural high-speed Internet usually only has two requirements:

  1. You need to live in the lower 48 states.
  2. Your home needs an unobstructed view of the southern sky.

As long as you meet those two requirements, then satellite Internet service should be easy to come by.

Three main components constitute a satellite Internet connection: the satellite dish at your home, the provider's satellite orbiting in space and the provider's operations center. The satellite dish at your home will send a Web page request to the satellite in space, which will then contact the operations center. The operations center locates your Web page request, and sends it back through the same path.

Although your signal is sent to space, the entire process takes place in the blink of an eye.

Satellite Internet also has the convenience of being available all over the United States, with the exception of Alaska and Hawaii. Rural areas from California to New York can all choose satellite Internet service when cable and DSL Internet isn't available.

Dial-up Internet availability

Perhaps dial-up's greatest strength is its availability. Dial-up, like satellite Internet, is a widely available rural Internet option. Homes off the beaten path and outside the service are of cable and DSL can still get online with a dial-up connection. However, dial-up's strengths are limited.

Dial-up simply uses your existing phone line, which is why you can't call your sister to wish her happy birthday and track the package you sent her online at the same time.

Your specific Internet needs, budget and preferences are factors to consider when deciding which type of Internet service to use.

You can live where you want and still do the things you want online when you have a rural high-speed Internet connection.

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